Different flowers have a meaning and a history behind it. The meaning may have been invented for sheer joy or has a tradition attached to it. It is said that flowers have a language of their own and convey their message through their beautiful developments. Different flowers mean different flowers are reflected in their manner. In a similar way, roses also have their own meanings based on their vibrant colors. The significance of a yellow rose, especially, is friendship, but it also has other interpretations.

Since the Victorian period, yellow roses have been decorated in celebrations, parties, or religious ceremonies. There, the roses are arranged in a way called Tussie Mussies, and the custom of flower arrangement is still common today.

meaning of yellow rose

The legend of the yellow rose

Each flower carries different stories and meanings of the flowers, but the yellow rose carries the wounded story of the beautiful Elisa.

Elisa is the daughter of Zeus – the god lord and a young woman on earth. As the daughter her father loved so much, he gave Elisa the power of beauty, sheer intelligence, that everyone bowed before my heels.

Over the years Elisa grew up in the most pampered love of the gods and her father, and one day the god Eros – the god of love – visited Elisa to give her crystals crystallized from love due to he achieved. Elisa earnestly begged Eros to teach her archery. Unfortunately, she slipped her hand and an arrow flew, thrusting into Eros’s heart.

And he realized: I have a crush on her gone! From that day on, Eros carried a similar illness. He was no longer anything but fascinated to watch Elisa with clouds to satisfy nostalgia. The bow was thrown away, the arrows were rusted, love no longer came to humans …

For a while Zeus knew. He worked for the talented couple to marry the couple with a very grand ceremony. Eros built a magnificent castle made of glass, rubies and precious stones and wanted Elisa to stay in the castle for him to see alone. Because of her love at the castle waiting for him but he kept going, making Elisa waiting languid in loneliness.

Then one day the God of Jealousy appeared. She waited until he was tired, fell asleep, and sneaked an arrow out of his heart and blew into it a little “forget it”. Eros awoke, momentarily unable to remember anything of the past. He was busy again and did not visit the young wife again …

Loneliness, disappointment, sadness Elisa fell ill. Elisa’s illness became worse every day and then she died.

Zeus, because he loved him so much, did not dare to see her body vanish into ashes. So he said:

“I will let you transform into a rose because only the rose can match your nobility and only the rose’s thorn will protect you from harm. Your color will not be the intense scarlet, not the gentle pink, but the intense yellow. Letting a traitor to me when I see the yellow rose is regretful and my thorns will make him suffer like I used to because of him …… ”

And then, on the ground appeared a flower named Yellow Rose.

Yellow roses mean to bring joy, warmth

Yellow is the color of the warm sun, the color of joy and excitement, or represents the emotion, arousing people’s creativity. Therefore, yellow roses are also a great gift great for giving to friends, relatives or colleagues to share the joys and pride in life.

Because of its bright beauty, when it comes to yellow roses, it also symbolizes sincere and carefree friendship.

At the same time, the yellow rose is also a symbol of warm, fresh spring carrying the message of happiness and the start of a new life. When sending a yellow-colored rose to someone, you have sent them joy, pride, …

Yellow rose is a very special gift when sending wishes to colleagues, for relatives to graduate, to set up a company, …

The meaning of yellow roses is to mend contradictions

Another extremely important thing that we should not ignore when asking what the yellow rose symbolizes?

Yellow roses are the bridge for the relationship cracked by conflict or something wrong in love as well as life.

A certain relationship, no matter how good, is hard to avoid disagreements and misunderstandings. As long as you look back on everything and accept to ignore the disagreements, the controversy can send to the opponent a branch of yellow roses as a signal of reconciliation.

It is also understood that past misunderstandings or contradictions may be left behind. From there, let’s build a better and more intimate relationship.

Yellow roses symbolize passionate passionate love

The rose is a monument to eternal love, the perfect harmony between purity and passionate passion, sometimes even pristine and gentle. Therefore, yellow roses are also a very special gift for newlyweds.

Perhaps there will still be many people confused about the meaning of this yellow rose. However, depending on the circumstances and the relationship with the recipient, it is hoped that by our sharing, we can help you understand more and have a broader view of the language of the flowers in general or Yellow roses in particular. From there, help you choose the appropriate flower colors to give to your loved ones as well as your other half.