The rose was dubbed the queen of all flowers. So far, the world has more than 350 species of roses with over 50 different colors. However, red roses are one of the most popular and popular roses in the world. In the flower world, red roses are considered the “queen of flowers”.

Red roses meaning

What is the meaning of red roses ?

Words or images have never fully expressed the beauty and greatness of the red rose. There is no denying that red roses are the most beautiful all the roses, full blooded and rich. Cleopatra was unbelievably beautiful and used red roses to carpet the bedroom when she received Antony. All roses convey warmth and affection to varying degrees. But the red rose, the queen of roses, is the most popular.

Not only is the symbol of romantic love, red roses also express your sincere affection.

It should come as zero surprise that the red color symbolizes love and admiration. According to Palomares : “Red roses are the most popular and quintessential Valentine’s Day gift”.

If a felt rose is a symbol of a budding love, a white rose is a symbol of pure and pure love, then a red rose is a symbol of passionate and romantic love. When you give someone a red rose, you want that person to understand that you love them very much.

Bouquet of red roses

Why are red roses considered a symbol of passionate and intense love?

statue venus

In terms of color, red is the color of blood and a color that represents intensity and passion. Therefore, red roses are considered a symbol of deep and passionate love. In another respect, according to the legend of the ancient Greeks, the red rose is the flower dedicated to Venus – the Goddess representing love and beauty. Legend has it that the Goddess was born with a white rose. However, after the goddess’s husband died of so much suffering, the Goddess of Love unintentionally let the thorns of the rose stab into her hand and bleed. It was her blood when falling that the white rose turned into a red rose. Since then, red roses are considered a symbol of deep and passionate love, which is why ancient cultures often used red roses in wedding ceremony decorations, wedding dresses, …

From the legends of love, red roses have become a symbol of loyalty, iron lipstick. From then until now, giving red roses on holidays, New Year, anniversary, … for loved ones becomes tradition and a red rose is chosen as the most sincere message that you send to people.

Red roses are flowers that mean more than other flowers, representing all flowers. Therefore, you can see red roses appearing in works of art, from paintings to in modern music poetry and in the media, …

The red rose across cultures

The roses have appeared in many cultures, cherished throughout history. The mysterious red of this flower has also been a source of inspiration for artists across the ages. In particular, the symbol of the red rose is always the most beloved.

The red roses you see today are originally from China and were introduced to Europe in the 1800s. However, it meanings have been around for centuries and have appeared in societies.

Today, many young people use red roses to express their sincere feelings, instead of saying “I love you” to their lover. Step by step, the red rose has gained a place of certain in the spiritual life of people and becomes the image to represent other types of roses.

Red roses are a great choice if you want to have a meaningful gift and express your love to your loved ones on special days such as anniversary of love, wedding, marriage day…

red roses for gift

The red rose as a symbolic gift

1- The red rose as a symbol of love

In the budding relationships of a couple, a bouquet of red roses will show the desire to have a romantic, passionate start and a lasting love over time.

At present, the giving of flowers is more common and the meaning is also expanded. If someone gave you a bouquet of red roses, it could be male and female love, close friendship or simply a passionate, passionate affection.

In love, giving meaningful red roses to express sincerity, strong despite thorns. Red roses are often given by couples in love on special days such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, proposals …

Not only a symbol of love, but according to Western culture, red roses are also considered flowers that represent beauty and perfection.

2- The red rose for a wedding

Red roses also have a different kind of meaning in marriage. The red rose represents the happiness in the family that is immediately passionate as well as compliant. A growing love, away from the monotony and freshness is what red roses describe.

3- Reference to women and art

Just as there are many shades of love, so red roses also have many shades. And the meaning of each nuance is different. The poet has immortal red roses like the flower of passionate, passionate love. Besides, innocence, bravery, heroism are some of the different meanings of red roses.

Therefore, the beauty of girls is often compared to red roses.

Not only that, the image of red roses often appears in famous poems, novels or works of art. Typical works of famous writer William Shakespeare.

Red roses in art

4- A rose to offer for special occasions

Our red roses are so beautiful and unique that they are ideal for almost any special occasion. As, a red rose bud brings surprise to your loved one with warmth; The half-blooming red rose is the perfect gift for mom; The half-blooming red and blooming roses are great for weddings / anniversaries, birthdays / baby gifts, hospital visits and more. They can also be given to your colleagues as a sign of appreciation or “The job is well done.

The red rose is not merely a representation of romantic love, but also a symbol of beauty and perfection. Thus, red roses are not only for your loved ones but you can also use red roses for anyone to express your loved ones but you can also use red roses for anyone to express your admiration for beauty and perfection.