White roses are another color of red roses, which are loved by many people. White roses are often used for special occasions in culture, love, wedding … The white roses represent a pure, pure love, mixed with a little innocence of the twenties but also very durable.

White rose meaning

Origins of white roses – pure beauty

When it comes to the story of the origin of the white rose, perhaps every one of us carries with us a sense of sympathy and respect for a love that is not demanding, not calculating. It is a love story of the goddess Venus. She stepped out of the sponges and from where the sponges fell, white roses were gradually growing and blooming.

In addition to the myths or legends associated with the goddess of love Venus, there are many stories related to the origin of white roses. However, the end is still pure love, pure and not a bit of personal calculation or self-interest. The love that in modern society today, has been gradually deviated by many young people. Not only is the flower of love that white rose is also compared to the flower of light, of the Sun. They are symbols of eternal and eternal love. Although time has passed, though the river has dried up, the mountains have worn down, that love will never change. Love with white roses will last forever. In addition to being a symbol of eternal love, the rose heart also brings the message of loyalty.

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What is the meaning of white roses?

White shows innocence and purity. Therefore, the meaning of the white rose is to honor the pure, spiritual love without any struggle, to be tempted by the flesh, to be together by the attachment of two holy souls.

Not only that, white roses are also referred to as “flowers of light” or white roses have other meanings that are symbols of eternal love, immortality, forever over time. Therefore, this flower is used when it is necessary to show respect and loyalty to someone.

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White roses have been loved for a long time

In the 1840s, white roses were revered as the “queen” of bridal bouquets. At this moment, the meaning of white roses carries many different messages.

During this period, the bride brought white roses to affirm the groom that she was completely pure and pure. In the most important day of their lives, many girls will carefully manually select the most beautiful flowers to the happy day become meaningful.

Depending on the culture as well as the circumstances, beautiful white roses speak of different meanings. Since ancient times, the White Rose has always been considered a symbol of purity and purity, which is why this flower is so popular in weddings. This style starts from the royal wedding of Queen Victoria, which took place in 1840.

White roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings, but their quiet beauty has also made them a gesture of remembrance. Suited to reverent occasions, the white rose is a fitting way to honor a friend or loved one in recognition of a new beginning or a farewell. Their pure color conveys respect, pays homage to new starts, and expresses hope for the future. When the occasion calls for reverence a bouquet of white roses is a perfect way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

In addition to playing a huge role in the design of a wedding reception, England in the 14th century also considered the White Rose as the ‘emblem of the Duke of York’ (a title in the British royal family).

Meaning if white roses in Hindi is only one. They are a symbol of purity and love. When you truly love one woman and you want something more with her is the perfect time to give her a one beauty fresh white rose. She will feel loved and in most cases, she will appreciate and remember it.

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The purity of a single white rose

one rose meaning

A single white rose actually has some meaning that can be expressed. It can be true love, pure love, wisdom and the symbol of friendship. But, it is actually defined as a funeral flower. It can express ultimate honor and respect during a funeral. This flower also represents truth, silence, secrets, reverence, humility, charm and youthfulness. A simple white rose symbolizes simplicity, while a blooming flower says, I love you, or you are heaven. When a person gives a bouquet of these flowers, they mean a feeling of love, friendship, hope and respect. They also point to a new beginning. Sometimes, they symbolize maiden and convey that a person is too young to love. It also sends a message across, of loyalty. Hence, people have their own personal versions of what the simple white rose means.

We should give white roses for whom?

Lover / Wife: Offering a bouquet of white roses in honor of holy and innocent love. This love completely comes from the innocent heart and not entangled with a passion for self-interest with all my respect. The bride’s hand holding flowers is also very common image of white roses

Mom: This bouquet of white roses is an expression of both respect and gratitude to the one who was bo As mentioned, white is the color of innocence, in an intact and pure world. Beautiful white roses celebrate an innocent and sacred love.

So if giving beautiful white roses is honoring a pure love without temptation.

Giving someone a beautiful white rose also means expressing the desire to have a more sustainable love, because of loyalty, reverence and humility when compared to passion like red roses.