Roses have inspired people through the ages to develop the language of roses by expressing the meaning of colors, variety and the number of roses given. Traditionally, roses are considered flowers of love. It’s good to know the symbolic meaning related to roses when you give them to your loved ones. When you consciously choose a certain color, variety or amount of roses for someone, you’ll bring a whole new dimension to the gesture of giving roses.

Pink roses have the most beauty, pink roses are always associated with many feelings of love and gratitude. Therefore, pink roses are always chosen by many people. For more meanings of pink roses please read the article below!

pink rose meaning

What is the meaning of Pink Roses?

Whether it is the ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, Liberals or others, roses are always a timeless symbol of love, beauty and balance. While each color expresses love, beauty and balance slightly differently, the main message is always love.

Pink roses are featured in paintings and many works of art, as people always admire them. If a recipient had a pink rose thousands of years ago, he or she would still understand the message the sender wanted to deliver.

The symbol of the flower dates back to the Victorian era, when people at that time believed that flowers sent unspoken messages. There are even books that the Victorians wrote about flower symbols and emotions that werewolves were willing to say. Among the flowers they describe in their books, pink roses have a special place.

As we mentioned, pink roses are widely represented in modern times, medieval literature and paintings, but all this took place around 1700. B.C. Frescoes’ house in Knossos is one of the examples you can see pink roses in some stunning Minoan frescoes. These frescoes were discovered about 100 years ago on Crete.

Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon’s first wife, loved the pink roses of all kinds. She even collected more than 250 species of roses in Malmaison, her garden.

Pierre-Joseph Redoute represents pink roses in his watercolor book, Les Roses. He actually recorded 117 rose varieties in the book.

Pink roses really have a broad meaning of love, but anything else?

pink rose bouquet

Pink roses – the classic symbol of charm and elegance.

Clearly, pink roses have a lot of versatile meanings, but they are all tied to the positive aspects of life – love, beauty, motherhood, gratitude, greetings and attention. Pink roses do not mean romantic love at first, but this is the meaning that people give them over the centuries as pink roses reminiscent of the beauty of women, fragility and tenderness.

Bright and beautiful to look at, but pink roses are also very flexible when you have something important to say. A classic symbol of charm and elegance, pink roses are often awarded as a sign of admiration and appreciation. Whether they are your best friend, fiance or trusted partner, pink roses will create a bright spot on someone’s special day.

wedding pink rose

Symbol of gratitude and love.

The rose, as we know it today, is a symbol of gratitude and love. If you are looking for an elegant, luxurious, charming and sweet gift for a special woman in your life, a pink rose will fascinate her. The pink rose is a symbol of femininity and love so you will show your admiration for her feminine attributes and express that you are willing to be her charming prince if she He just wants you to be.

However, pink roses, as we mentioned above, are symbols of different kinds of love, not just romance. You can identify a lot about the pink rose icon by the nuances of these flowers. For example, pale pink roses are a symbol of tenderness, admiration and compassion so you can give them to a woman you like and thrive on. If you want to congratulate something, a lighter pink is a great option.

pink rose women

Another meaning of roses is femininity.

Just looking at the rose will instantly make you think of a special woman with your heart – your mother, friends, cousins or partner. Pink roses, especially the lighter ones look a little fragile, but tender, sweet and caring, making it impossible to resist their charm. We should honor women, because without them this would be a beautiful place and there would be no special women in our lives, we would be like that.

feminity of pink rose

Send pink roses to show your admiration, say thanks, or just because.

Pink roses are your versatile roses. They are suitable for thanking, cheering on a friend, or realizing a romantic occasion.

Pink roses can also symbolize a new beginning. In this respect, you can give them as gifts for many occasions – weddings, transfers, participation, promotions, starting new businesses, new relationships, and anything that seems appropriate.

Pink roses are a great gift for Valentine’s Day. If you want to stand out from the other boys, give your woman a pink rose. You can see that pink is popular because it expresses a wide range of emotions and has profound symbolic value. No matter if you have a strong relationship with someone or a unrequited friendship, the commission is always suitable.

pink rose for valentine day


If you are one of those who appreciate the oldest flowers on earth, then you definitely love pink roses. It is true that roses grow over time, but they still retain their unique charm and elegance.

Today, pink roses represent elegance, tenderness, sophistication and appreciation.

Any woman you give roses will be bewitched, as this is a gesture of admiration and appreciation of their beauty inside as well as outside. The pink rose will whisper to a recipient whom they love and appreciate, which is not just a simple gift.