Not as brilliant and prominent as other flowers, but black roses always carry on themselves a charming and mysterious black, scary. People often only see black roses in movies about witchcraft, dark magic or horror movies, little is known about this extremely impressive flower in real life, wonder around this beautiful flower. So today Fleur Eternelle will join you to learn about the meaning of black roses in love and life!

Black roses are flowers of mythical and mysterious colors. Not as brilliant as other flowers. Not appearing noisy, the black rose always hides a mysterious, cold beauty. Flower is beautiful on the spiritual level that anyone wants to pursue.

meaning of black rose

Lord of the most beautiful flowers – Black Rose

Of all the most beloved flowers, the name of the black rose is always the beautiful flower that anyone desires to own. This flower embodies passion, desire, it is also a symbol of loneliness and coldness. It represents a love full of resentment, suffering, despair or blind faith in something.

Interesting facts about black roses

The magic of black flowers have attracted our attention for many centuries.The black rose seems to originate from a fairy world. Their impossible and “unnatural” colors strongly inspire paranormal expectations.

Black roses only bloom in the summer in very small quantities. They are special flowers found only in the village of Halfeti, Turkey. Halfeti is a small town in Turkey, in the province of Shangle Urfa, on the banks of the Euphrates River 120 km from the capital Shangle Urfa. The soil and pH of the soil in this area is very specific, so it produces a unique black-pink variety with pure black petals, soft and unique like velvet. In spring, flowers bloom and with deep reds. By summer, they begin to gradually turn black. The legend of the black rose is the tearful love story of the god Ellacos – the goddess of darkness and the betrayal of the god Apolo – the god of light. In the end, in the holy land, there were two meanings of the black rose : one is dead love and the other is eternal love!

Unexpected meanings of Black Rose

Each rose species has its own meanings, if you are familiar with the meaning of red roses is to show intense love, white roses are pure love, then black rose has many meanings as follows:

1- Demonstrate regeneration and rejuvenation

In fact, a more positive meaning does exist for the black rose. It is true that black is the color of death. But death does not always cause mourning. It can also be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory.

2- Express the tragedy of love

A black rose is known as the end of something, be it a relationship, an idea or a career. Therefore, when sent to a lover, a single black rose can symbolize the end of that relationship.

3- Revenge and hatred

The black rose is also a symbol of hatred and revenge. When sent to an enemy, it is representative of the feeling of hatred.

4- Resistance and courage

Depending on the person they can mean a tragic love and for others, they can mean a deep and pure devotion to someone.

As well as courage and strength, are some of the other meanings associated with this unique flower. Irish are the people who use black roses to symbolize their bravery and resistance in their fight against the British. ‘The Little Black Rose’ written in the 16th century, is one of the famous Irish political songs used to symbolize their courage.

Similarly, many anarchist groups and protesters also accepted the black rose as a symbol of rebellion and strength. Therefore, the meaning of black roses also includes the courage and resistance.

Black rose in fiction

In modern literature, black roses are used to reflect evil, obscene and darker sides and the ghosts of human nature. In fiction, vampires are often shown for black love. In the “Night World” series written by L.J. Smith, this flower is the symbol used for ‘vampire presence’. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes also uses black roses to symbolize vampires in her novels, such as “Demon in My View”, “Midnight Predator” and “In the Forests of the Night”.

Black roses are also good idea for Halloween, a fitting addition to the decorations along with black candles, black clothes, and so on.

So for some Black Roses can be an embodiment of everything dark in life, like death and pain, while for others they represent a new beginning. Classy and sophisticated. To sum up, Black Roses are mysterious and elusive, and can be interpreted in various ways. So it is better to leave a note to explain the specific reasons you are sending black roses. This will help the recipient understand the meaning of your gift and appreciate it!