MP3-"Slow  Down"


MP3-"Bottom Feeders" is digital home-base for
‚Äčindie singer-songwriter Tom Hoffman.

Website includes: 
 - MP3 versions of 7 original songs
 - Embedded videos from 4 different YouTube channels
 - Links to external music sites, tutorials, music blogs & artist bio
 - Featured SoundCloud "Throwback Track"
 - Dedicated awards & recognitions page

The MP3 files on this site are set-up as free downloads.
If you'd like a copy for your personal use, you have my permission. However, that permission does not extend
to commercial applications! Please contact me personally
to secure the legal rights needed for commercial use.


MP3 -"Don't Lie To Yourself"

MP3-"Pain For Gain"

"Not-For-Profit Life"


"DrumStuffTH" YouTube channel

Tom Hoffman YouTube channel



"Story Behind The Song" YouTube channel



"Tips & Tidbits" Blog on

"Story Behind The Song" Blog